Leo Robin


"Dancing in the Dawn" Wintertime Nacio Herb Brown (M)
"I Like It Here" Wintertime Nacio Herb Brown (M)
"Later Tonight" Wintertime Nacio Herb Brown (M)
"Wintertime" Wintertime Nacio Herb Brown (M)
"We Always Get Our Girl" Wintertime Nacio Herb Brown (M)

Scene where Carole Landis and Cesar Romero sing in fun duet number "I Like It Here"
Scene where Sonja Henie dances on ice to the theme song "Wintertime"
Scene where Sonja Henie in ice skating number "We Always Get Our Girl"
Scene where Sonja Henie who is as graceful on the dance floor as she is on ice in this number "Later Tonight" from Wintertime
Scene where Woody Herman and His Orchestra performing the jazz tune "Dancing in the Dawn"
Scene where Woody Herman and His Orchestra with vocals by Woody Herman performing the theme song "Wintertime" during sleigh ride

Sonja Henie and Woody Herman in Wintertime (1943)

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