Leo Robin


The first of the ten Best Song Academy Awards that Leo Robin was nominated, “Love in Bloom” was in 1934 – the year the Academy Awards started offering an Oscar for Best Song. This love song written by the famous songwriting team of Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger was introduced in She Loves Me Not, a 1934 film starring Bing Crosby and was one of Paramount's biggest hits of the year. A great many artists have chosen their favorite love song by Leo Robin; Billie Holiday chose her favorite -- “Easy Living” -- and it went on to become a jazz standard. Leo Robin would win his first wife's, Estelle Clarkie, heart with the wonderful lyrics of the song “Take a Lesson from the Lark.” This love song was introduced in the 1935 film Shoot the Works and Leo Robin and Estelle Clark would soon get married after the release of this film. His second wife, Cherie Redmond, once said, “I knew I had to marry the man who wrote such wonderful love songs.” At their wedding, Leo sang to her “If I Should Lose You.” For your enjoyment, here are many magical musical moments of covers of love songs with lyrics by Leo Robin where you can choose your favorite one.

"Rudy VallÈe and the Connecticut Yankees" performing "I Don't Want to Make History"
A short Sentimental Ballad takes place at the famed Cocoanut Grove Nightclub in 1934 with Mary Pickford introducing Bing Crosby who sings "With Every Breath I Take"
Bobby Darin & Johnny Mercer singing "My Cutey's Due at Two-to-Two Today"
Bobby Darin singing "Easy Living" to photos of him and his wife, Sandra Dee
Dean Martin singing "Please" on his The Dean Martin Show
Dean Martin sings “It’s June in January”
Doris Day singing "In Love in Vain"
Doris Day singing "Oh, but I Do!"
Frank Sinatra singing "Just a Kiss Apart," originally introduced in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Frank Sinatra singing the love ballad "My Ideal" from Your Hit Parade Orchestra on December 18, 1943
Frank Sinatra with Quincy Jones & Orchestra performing "If I Should Lose You"
Gladys Knight and the Pips singing "Jungle Love"
Jerry Lewis singing “Louise” from The Stooge and Dean Martin singing “Louise” at a nightclub
Johnny Mercer singing in his familiar folksy style “A Gal in Calico”
Leo Robin singing his own song --  "Love in Bloom” -- at famous concert known as the “Carousel of American Music” on Sept. 24, 1940
Liza Minnelli performing "For Every Man There's a Woman" on The Danny Kaye Show
Liza Minnelli with her mother Judy Garland performing a medley including "Hooray for Love" Live at the London Palladium in 1964
Margaret Whiting singing “My Ideal”
Marilyn Monroe singing "Bye Bye, Baby" with a slideshow of memorable photos of her
Michael Feinstein singing “Love Is Just around the Corner”
Rudy Vallee and His Connecticut Yankees performing "Thank Heaven for You," a song he introduced in the 1933 film International House
Russ Columbo singing "Prisoner of Love"
Sammy Davis singing "It's Bigger than You and Me," a song that was introduced in the 1955 film My Sister Eileen
Seth MacFarlane performs "A Kiss or Two" on his album In Full Swing released on September 14, 2017
Shirley Veronica Bassey singing "For Every Man There's a Woman"
Songstresses with their lip rouge to "Gather Lip Rouge while You May"

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