Leo Robin


"Funny Old Hills, The" Paris Honeymoon Ralph Rainger (M); G. Terry (Piano Score)
"Joobalai" Paris Honeymoon Ralph Rainger (M); George Terry (Piano Score on EP)
"Maiden by the Brook" Paris Honeymoon Ralph Rainger (M)
"Work While You May" Paris Honeymoon Ralph Rainger (M)
"You're a Sweet Little Headache" Paris Honeymoon Ralph Rainger (M); M. Agnolucci (Piano Score on EP only)

Bing Crosby singing "Joobalai"
Scene from Twilight on the Trail where Jimmy Wakely Trio playing on guitar and singing "The Funny Old Hills"
Scene where Bing Crosby & Shirley Ross singing "I Have Eyes" over the phone while Franciska Gaal eavesdrops
Scene where Bing Crosby singing "The Funny Old Hills"
Scene where Bing Crosby singing "You're a Sweet Little Headache"
Scene where workers in the fields sing and work to the rhythm of "Work While You May"

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