Leo Robin


"Paree" (aka "Ca c'est Paris!") Paree! Jose Padilla (M)

Boston Bruins organist played the theme "Paree". Back in the old days of the 40's, 50's and 60's, when the Bruins scored, the organist John Kiley would play a rendition of "Paree" and the melodic sound was also synonymous with the Boston Bruins entrance onto the ice of Boston Garden
Leo Reisman Orchestra performing "Ça c'est Paris," also known as "Paree (Spanish composer and pianist Jose Padilla's became famous in France as he composed songs for the Moulin Rouge, like French title "Ça c'est Paris," made famous by Mistinguett in 1926 and had became her trademark tune with the English lyrics and title "Paree" by Leo Robin.)

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