Leo Robin


"In Love in Vain" Centennial Summer Jerome Kern (M)
"Opening" (Concerted Piece) Centennial Summer Jerome Kern (M)
"Railroad Song, The" Centennial Summer Jerome Kern (M)
"Right Romance, The" Centennial Summer Jerome Kern (M)
"Up with the Lark" Centennial Summer Jerome Kern (M)
"Long Live Our Free America" Centennial Summer Jerome Kern (M)

A chorus ensemble performing “Centennial – Long Live Our Free America”
A scene with Linda Darnell and Cornel Wilde performing "Up with the Lark"
A scene with the torchy "In Love in Vain," sung by Jeanne Crain (dubbed by Louanne Hogan) and William Eythe (dubbed by David Street) 
Scene where Jeanne Crain (dubbed by Louanne Hogan) leads the cast singing around the piano --"The Railroad Song"
Scene where Jeanne Crain (dubbed by Louanne Hogan) singing "The Right Romance"
Scene where Jeanne Crain (dubbed by Louanne Hogan), Linda Darnell (dubbed), Barbara Whiting Buddy Swan, Constance Bennett and Walter Brennan singing the good feeling "Up with the Lark"

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