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Welcome to “Just around the Corner,” the place where Leo Robin and his music will be discussed with contemporary artists, music historians, authors and others. The name is inspired by “Love Is Just around the Corner,” a song that Leo wrote with music by Lew Gensler. It was introduced in the 1934 film Here is My Heart where it was first sung by Bing Crosby and Kitty Carlisle. The song has since become a favorite and has been recorded by many artists including crooners Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, jazz pianist Earl Hines and pop singer Kenny Rodgers with the gospel group Take 6.

In the spirit of Leo’s song, this will be a place for all things interesting and surprising that are in some way connected with Leo Robin and his music. Remember, when you want to return to this ongoing conversation, go to LeoRobin.com and you will find us here — “Just around the Corner.”


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